888 Casino


Web Bettor's Golden Rules

1. Budget your betting sum - decide ahead the sum of money you allow yourself to loose and bet only on it.
2. Bet only on a sum that you can afford - don't bet on your kid's college fund.
3. Set a winning goal - decide ahead the sum of money that in case of winning, you keep rather than reusing it.
4. Stick to a certain betting sum. But if you're winning, raise it gradually.
5. Never play when you're tired, hungry, mad, depressed or horny.
6. Only play a table you can afford - budget your bets in a way you could stand many loosing rounds, eventually the wheel will turn at your favor, so make sure you keep something to bet with.
7. After loosing five rounds in a row, quit the table - if you lost more than three different games and a total of 15 consecutive losses run away from thus casino to the other side of the web.
8. Don't trust your ability to win based on winning the free games - for an "unexplained reason", the free adjusted games are easier to win than the real thing.
9. Before betting on high sums, get to know the casino - play the free games first, study the system and its rules, and finally play (on small amounts first, of course).

10. Play only for the fun of it - the casino does not do charity and it does not give money away. Most casinos gain a 15% profit from the total investments in it, and 10% profit on web games. So, one can win it all and the other to loose it all but the casino always gets its share. Play for fun and consider you might loose, and try to enjoy that too.